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Main Actors

Lauren Hewett as Kathy Morgan

  • Act of Necessity - 1990 Australian Film Institute Award "Best Acting by a Juvenile"
  • Halfway across the Galaxy and Turn Left - 1993 Australian Film Institute Award "Most Outstanding Acting by a Young Actor on Television"
  • Home and Away
  • Ocean Girl...

Ryan Kwanten as Josh Morgan

  • Home and Away
  • A Country Practise
  • Water Rats...

Anthony Wong as Mek

  • The Matrix Revolutions(2003)
  • Enter the Matrix(2003)
  • Lilian's Story(1995)
  • Home and Away(1988)...

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Peter O'brien as Carl Morgan

  • The Flying Doctors
  • Neighbours
  • Water Rats
  • G.P....

His page on his agent's web site.


Lenore Smith as Vicky Morgan

  • The Flying Doctors
  • The Young Doctors
  • Cop Shop
  • The Sullivans...

Justin Rosniak as Tony

  • Home & Away
  • Return to Jupiter...
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