Finally this show became available on DVD. The first 13 episodes of Series I has been released from Shock Records in September 2005. You can buy the product at local DVD stores in Australia or order online internationally. Series 1 Part 2 will be out in January 2006. It seems they're not going to release Series 1 Part 2 anymore but they'll release Complete Series 1 on March 20th 2006 Complete Series 1 is finally released in June 2006. At this moment, there's no information about Series 2 release. (Information about playback PAL DVD and DVD stores)

Spellbinder - Complete Series 1

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Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord - Complete Series 2

Spellbinder Series I Part I - Episode 1-13(Part 2 will no longer to be released)

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Spellbinder DVD Series I Part I Spellbinder DVD Series I Part I



The VHS video tape is available from The Australian Children's Television Foundation(ACTF). Currently 13 episodes of Series I are available on 3 VHS tapes. The rest episodes and Series II will be released in 2004 or later, maybe I don't know any further release.

They can offer not only in PAL but also in NTSC(but the price may vary). For more information, see their Education Catalogue(PDF) on Learning Centre, or contact them directly. It seems they have updated the price from the 2005 issue. Their Spellbinder page is here.

Old number
New number
Old price
New price
Spellbinder Volume 1 5 Episodes Cat 271 0 86421 099 X
Spellbinder Volume 2 4 Episodes Cat 272 0 86421 107 4
Spellbinder Volume 3 4 Episodes Cat 273 0 86421 115 5
Spellbinder Volumes 1-3   Cat 274  

Other International Sub-Distributors and Organizations

Some years ago, some international sub-distributors had sold videos, but currently they have gone. Please let me know if you know other information.

THA Media(Canada)
They became a subsidiary of Sextant Entertainment Group in 2000 and their web site has gone. After that Sextant's web site has gone, too. THA Media had Series I at $149. (You can access the URL but it's not their web site.)

THA Media Distributors
307-1200 W Pender
Vancouver, BC
V6E 2S9 Canada
Tel: (604) 687-4215
Fax: (604) 688-8349

Kids Bizz Ltd(Hong Kong)
Their web site is no longer available since around 2001. It seems that the same person now runs Kidz Konnection. <<Closed (You can access the URL but it's not their web site.)

Screen Sound Australia(Australia)
They have the video of Series I & II in Betacam SP format. They also have scripts and Animal Logic's promotion video. You'll find them by searching their collection online. To order their duplication service, you must first obtain and supply written copyright approval from Australian Film Finance Corporation.
Price(Series I or II): AUD$1737.50 + Shipping

Chilp Tiaylor  Communications(US)
The worst dealer in the world. I ordered their DVD in May 2003 then I lapsed into a serious problem. The quality of video and audio were bad(Audio was monaural). They missed to put an episode. There was also an episode which has terrible noise on picture. They replaced disks but they have lots of scrapes and dust. There were other defects but it's difficult to mention everything because they're so many. When I emailed them, they often replied irresponsible and incomprehensible things. I suspected that sometimes they ignored my e-mails and told me lies. Their product and handling are too terrible so people may think them fraudulent. After complaining for over 3 months, they finally refunded the full amount I paid. In September or October 2003, my friend ordered and received defective one(It missed an episode again).

August 2004
It seems they remade entire disks after the contention. 26 episodes comes from 5 discs, not 4 discs as I ordered. So perhaps you'll no longer encounter such defective products but other problems may still occure.


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