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Dragon Lord and his retainers

Sun (Leonard Fung)

He is the Dragon Lord. He is a very selfish young boy.


Aya (Hu Xin)

Sun's sister Princess Aya is in her early 20's.

  Mek (Anthony Wong)
  Master Ling (Wei Qiming)
  Zenzo (Zhang Yucheng)

Barbarian Army

Sharak (Ye Mang or Ye Mung?)

The aggressive leader of a Barbarian Army from the land beyond the border of the Land of the Dragon Lord. He plans to invade the Land of the Dragon Lord and claim it for himself.

  Roggar (Wang Ya'nan)
  Gobbo (Ye Xiaokeng)
  Mrs Gobbo (Kang Ning)
  Diviner (Geng Baosheng)

Sharak's Men

(Adrian Brown, Michael Lee, Anthony Lo, Raymond Lo)

People of Fishing Village

Jasmine (Gui Jeilan)

15 year old girl who dreams to become an entertainer.

  Den (Li Xuetong)
  Elder (Lou Bingkun)
  Grandmother (Zhu Mingxian)

Unknown Characters
  Warden (Marek Walczak) ep02
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