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Morgan family

Kathy Morgan (Lauren Hewett)

13 year old Kathy is an intelligent and strong-willed girl.


Josh Morgan (Ryan Kwanten)

He is 16 year old Kathy's brother. He is a good humoured teenager, who also likes teasing his little sister. He is good at computer.


Carl Morgan (Peter O'brien)

Kathy's father Carl Morgan is about 40. He is an ex-football player. Now he runs a sporting goods store.


Vicky Morgan (Lenore Smith)

Carl's wife Vicky has a job related to computer.

  (Kathy Double (Shelley McShane))
  (Josh Double (Hayden Samuels))


Tony (Justin Rosniak.)

Kathy's 17 year old neighbour. He is a TV star of Kathy's favourite show Love Beach. He is handsome and he knows it. So do his adoring female fans.


Sarah (Rebecca Verrier)

Kathy's friend ep26


Susan (Angela Keep)

Kathy's friend ep26

Other Characters
  Jimbo (Salvatore Coco)
  Bob (Graig Black)
  Lobster (Paul Barry)
  Crocodile (Jody Dry)
  Nick (Christopher Saunders)
  Director of Ripper Nipper Bar commercial (Dominic Condon)
  Director of Gurgol??? commercial (Fiona Martinelli) ep08
  Assistant (Elena Carapetis) ep08
  T.V Thug (Martin Mimica) ep08
  T.V Girl (Simmone Mackinnon) ep08

Girl (Leeanna Walsman) ep08

Tony's friend?


Pirates ep08

(Deny Kirkwood, Macushla Burke, Timothy Valka)

  Girl (Jade NG) ep09
  Children (Liu Kaiyu, Xu Meng) ep20/21/23
  Publican (Stephen Leeder)

Bain (Russell Newman)

Jewel trader

  Skateboarder (Jacob Dawson)
  Salesman (Walter Grkovic)
  Jeweller (Penny Whiteley)
  Policeman (Harry Pavlidis)
  Receptionist (Maryanne Puntoriero)
  Estate Agent (Carol Adams)
  Girl (Natasha Gorsevski) ep20
  Barry (Ramsay Everingham)
  Security Guard (Scott Ferguson)
  Ross (Damian Foley)
  Fover Guard (Andrew Chapman)
  Gardener (David Callan?)
  Stewart (John Rohan) ep24
  Assistant (Carolyn Baldwin) ep22
  Boy (Ian Welbourne) ep24
  Gym Teacher (Marcus Schulz)
  Ling (Wei Qiming)
  Welder (Nathan Kaye)
  Guards (Adrian Brown, Michael Lee) ep 24

Unknown characters
  Tatts (Lou Horvath) ep08/09
  Guards (Ignatius Mok, Douglas Fong) ep10
  Chief Guard (Jiang Chuanrong) ep10

Boys (Greg Arvanitakis, Anthony Ianni) ep19
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