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No. Subtitle


The Big Bang
02 Where Am I?
03 Finding the Way Home
04 It Isn't Magic, It's Science
05 Secrets
06 Show Me Your World
07 The Gunpowder Plot
08 Secrets of the Spellbinders
09 The Labyrinth
10 Desperate Measures
11 The Centre of Power
12 Spellbinder Jack
13 The Final Challenge
14 Lost and Found
15 Hospitality
16 Breakout
17 The Trojan Toffee Trolley
18 Run!
19 Reunions
20 Alien Invasion
21 The Hunt for Ashka
22 Clowning Around
23 The High-Tech Power Suit


A Spellbinder in the House
25 Breakfast of Champions
26 Flight
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