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No. Subtitle


The Trans-dimensional Bamboo Boat
02 Ashka
03 The Dragon Lord
04 The Oracle
05 Marooned in a World of Monsters
06 Attack of the Thirty-metre Warrior
07 Josh, the Water Spirit
08 Sun Becomes a Star
09 Designation Day
10 The Oracle Is Dead
11 The Only Child in the World
12 Girl for Sale
13 To Live Forever
14 Barbarians at the Gate
15 'The Best-laid Plans...'
16 Graveyard of Machines
17 The Hunter and the Haunting
18 'Stop the Moloch!'
19 Escape from the Palace
20 Kathy Meets...Herself
21 The Doublecross
22 On the Trail
23 The Two Joshes


Who's Who?
25 The Disappearing Act
26 A Wedding Surprise
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